Home Showings in a moment's notice

In a new era with customers seeking instant results, Agent2U delivers with mobile app technology that brings online agents to customers for onsite live showings.

Are you a buyer that needs an instant showing? Download the free Agent2U mobile app today.

Agent2U is Tailor-Made for Agents and Customers

We built Agent2U with real estate agents and customers in mind. Our mobile app generates qualified leads and offers unique, practical features that will benefit agents. We give your customers the tools they need to quickly and conveniently request in-person, onsite showings. Think of it as like a ride-sharing app, but tailored for the real estate market.

Designed for the Modern Broker and Real Estate Agent

We’ve put a lot of thought into what goes into our apps. Here are some key features that are worth checking out.

Curbside Lead Generation

Agent2U connects qualified leads with your business. As part of our proprietary qualification process, each agent can adjust their screening filters depending on their preference. Our customer mobile app is easily downloaded to iPhones and Androids using QR coded yard signs and app store links.


You’ll immediately get notified if there are any nearby showing requests based on proximity. Showings are confirmed on a first-come, first serve basis. Agent2U even matches Spanish speaking customers and agents to ensure a successful engagement.

Team Activity

While some agencies have each agent work independently, other agencies may incorporate team structures. Either way, we have you covered. Team Leaders have insight into their agents' profiles, leads, tasks, and metrics.


Aside from notifying you of any leads, Agent2U offers dashboards and drip email solutions to remind you to follow up with your leads and complete pertinent tasks.

Equipping You with the Right Tools.

Our apps are intuitive and simple to use. After enrollment with your broker, you can be up and running on the mobile app within minutes! Brief topical how-to-videos are also available within the Agent2U system for simple reference.